Claeys Hatchery Kruishoutem

Our motto: quality before quantity!

The hatchery of the Claeys family (now the 4th generation since 1945) is specialised in the export of day-old chicks and hatching eggs to Africa, Asia and all European countries. Thanks to our knowledge and infrastructure, and many years of experience, we guarantee premium quality.

Our largest asset is our wide range of laying and broiler breeds strains, turkeys and guinea fowls.

The chicks are prepared in function of the time of air transport. The preparation is done by our professional team that also includes Xavier and Mia Claeys. We take care of the transport to the airport by using our own air-conditioned vehicles and we put the packages on the aircraft pallets. This way, we can personally guarantee you that the chicks are loaded on the aircraft whilst being healthy and well.


Our chick hatchery

Our hatchery uses state-of-the-art hatching machinery and has 2 divisions: one for the hatching of laying chicks and broilers, and the other for the hatching of turkeys and guinea fowls. Unique in Belgium! Our total pre-hatching capacity is 1 million hatching egg places. The animals are still vaccinated manually, under the supervision of our permanent vet. This implies that all chicks are efficiently vaccinated.

We have various outcomes per week, based on the customer’s requirements and the air transport. Our special team prepares the chicks for export, whilst observing the strictest hygienic circumstances and always with due respect for the welfare of the animals.

Before as well as in the course of the process, our customers are informed of the hatching process, the preparation and the shipment of the chicks.

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